Artistic Warrior offers a variety of services. We are a team publisher who loves to help you get your words out to the public.

You can choose to do all or part of the editing, layout, graphics, production and promotion, or hire the team at Artistic Warrior or Always Write to help you with all or some of the process. We have a great editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, illustrators, layout experts, and marketing professionals to help you every step of the way. When you choose Artistic Warrior as your team publisher there are a myriad of services you can choose from.

We offer…

  • Book critiques (is your book ready for editing and publishing?)
  • Coaching (write like a pro)
  • Developmental editing (from rough draft)
  • Structural editing (reorganizing, creating a good flow, etc.)
  • Stylistic editing (clarification, ease of reading)
  • Rewriting (when you just need fresh eyes)
  • Copy editing (style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, flow etc.)
  • Fact checking
  • Indexing
  • Proofreading
  • Mock-ups
  • Layout of interior of book
  • Illustration for children’s books
  • Cover illustrations
  • Cover creation and layout
  • Interior illustrations
  • Creation of all PDFs for print versions
  • Preparation of manuscript for eBooks
  • Assigning ISBN to Artistic Warriors group of books
  • Requesting CIP (Library and Archives Canada)
  • Create UPC code (barcode for back of book)
  • Assist in creating a CreateSpace account for Print on Demand (POD) sales through Amazon and other online POD suppliers.
  • Assist in creating an Amazon Kindle Direct account for selling eBooks on Amazon or another site.
  • Source out brick and mortar printers in your area so you can have print copies available for local book  signings.
  • Introduce you to brick and mortar distributors
  • Arrange for book signings
  • Help you navigate the world of consignment sales
  • Assist in author and book website creation
  • Assist author in creating Facebook Fan page.
  • Promote your book on Artistic Warrior’s website
  • Promote your book on Artistic Warrior’s Facebook page

and so much more! Contact us today for all your coaching, editing and publishing needs.