We love our authors. Please have a read and get to know them.

Someone once said that we attract what we need in our lives. I truly believe that, especially when it comes to this fantastic group of authors. Many of them have become like family to us.  There have been many lessons learned, eyes opened, and hearts warmed when interacting with this fantastic group of writers. I hope you love them, and their work, as much as we do. Click on their name, and if they have a website, that will take you there!

Please visit our books page for their books and where to buy them.

Meet the Authors

Ronald Niezen

Professor Ronald Niezen was familiar with writing as he’d already written several non-fiction books. He came to Darcy and hired her as his personal coach to help him transition from academic / non-fiction, to fiction writing. As a result he finished his fabulous novel, The Memory Seekers, and was picked up by a traditional publishing house.

Professor Niezen’s second novel is currently in the works and he hopes to have it published in 2023.

Elaine Gugin Maddex
Elaine Maddex, Authors, Wise Woman Series

Elaine Gugin Maddex of Alberta, is an absolute treasure to work with. Her books are as entertaining as she is. Elaine writes cozy mysteries, the kind you can curl up with and read at your leisure.

Elaine is an herbalist, potion maker, mother, grandmother, and author. She is so much like her main character, Tessy, that some days it’s hard to tell them apart!

Elaine has been with Artistic Warrior since 2015 when I rescued one of her books from a publisher who went out of business. Since then I’ve assisted her with two more books, with a fourth book on the way shortly.

All of her books are available on Amazon.

Janelle Breese Biagioni

Janelle Breese Biagioni writes children’s books with her grandson, Atticus, as the main character. The books focus on how much fun life can be when people see the person, not the disability.

She has three books in the Atticus and Friends series. The next two will be out later in 2023 as they are a Halloween and a Christmas book. Until then, you can read Atticus Goes to School.

She is also a professional counsellor and has several non-children’s books to her name

Kimberly Brayman
Dr. Kimberly Brayman, children's books author

Dr. Kimberly Brayman is a licensed psychologist who resides in British Columbia, Canada.
She believes stories build empathy and empower the listener to find their own self-reliance and strength. The power of supportive relationships is a theme that runs through all her books. She believes when a child knows deep in their heart they are loved and accepted, just the way they are, they have a chance to blossom and thrive.

She resides in West Kelowna, BC. All her books are available on Amazon.

Irma Goosen
Irma Goosen, On the Edge, Guardian Series, Authors

Irma Goosen is a youth author, speaker and coach. Irma was born and raised in Germiston, South Africa and now resides in Alberta. She is the author of the Guardian Series.

By day, she’s an engineer, by night (and after work and on weekends) she writes books and is an acclaimed speaker. She believes adults are vital in helping their teens function in society. She is passionate about raising awareness of the challenges our youth is facing daily.

Everything she writes about is based on her life experience, though the characters and stories are fictional. You can buy all her books on Amazon.

Kelly Pawluk

Kelly is the author of the Olympic Vista Chronicles, a delightful “who done it” YA series. Kelly is also a tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) writer and has released multiple RPG supplements with her husband under their micro-publishing company, Dire Rugrat Publishing.

She lives on Vancouver Island, BC with her husband, their three inquisitive children, and two lazy cats.

Dr. Peter Gregg
Dr. Peter Gregg author of Lost Boy Found

Dr. Gregg takes the read into his world as a nine-year-old boy: mistreated at home, bullied at school, and then brutally raped. It is insightfully interpreted from Dr. Gregg’s vantage point as a now highly respected behavioural scientist.

This book is a must read for professionals as well as parents. It is also a cautionary tale of the effects of parental and adult neglect. Lost Boy Found, is a heroic tale of transforming utter despair into a life worth living. You’ll be wiser for reading this book.

You can purchase it as an audio book, paperback or eBook on Amazon or from the author himself.

Natasa Cecez-Sekulicen

Natasa came to us with a unique project. She wrote her book in Serbian and translated it into English.

As English was her second language, she came to use for help. We were able to clean up the book to the point where she was able to publish it. The Journey to Bring Back Play, can be found on Amazon.

She also has a You Tube channel called the Liminal World. Check it out.

Heather Caruso
Heather Caruso, Ten Little Stories, Authors

Heather Caruso was born and raised in Sydney, NS. As a young woman she moved to Toronto where she married her husband Sal and had two sons: Darrin and Randy. Years later, they all moved to Kelowna, BC, where they settled for good.

Now that her family is grown and she’s become a grandmother, her passions has turned to writing. Her first book was a children’s book, Ten Little Stories. She has since updated it to Ten Little Stories + 2, and has written a compilation of short stories called In These Pages.

Darcy Nybo
Head shot of coach and author, Darcy Nybo

Darcy Nybo developed a love for writing in Grade 2. Her writing skills have improved somewhat since then, as is evident by her success with her writing businesses. She is a multiple award winning author, writing coach, editor, and team book publisher.

She teaches creative and business writing at various universities and colleges, including the University of Victoria, Royal Roads University, College of the Rockies and Okanagan College.

Darcy has published five children’s books: Bark! Swat! Crunch!, Emma Jean Finds a Friend, The Great Nibling, a Girl Called Goose, and an Okanagan activity booked called the Great Grape Adventure. She has three books of short stories: Dribbles, Drabbles and Postcards, Okanagan Tall Tales and Read My Shorts. And last but not least, her novel, Reluctant Angel. All her books are available on Amazon.

She also paints in her spare time.

Cathy Cyr
Cathy Cyr - Author - Artistic Warrior

Cathy Cyr has always noticed the little signs the Earth and all her creatures show us. She calls them Earth’s Whispers and hears them everywhere in nature. Now she is sharing these whispers with her young readers. She draws all the illustrations for her children’s books and loves seeing her ideas come to life on the page.

Cathy was an Early Childhood Educator for almost 25 years. She is married and has one son. She enjoys spending time in nature with her family and writing stories. She has about 17 books planned for the the Earth Whispers series planned. Cathy spends her time between her home in the Okanagan and her slice of paradise somewhere in the interior. (I’d tell you but that’s where she goes to get away from it all.) You can purchase all her books on Amazon.

Stan Chung
Stan Chung, Author

Sae Hoon Stan Chung is an award winning writer and much loved columnist. He was born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Canada. He has written, and spoken widely, in both public and academic forums. He completed his PhD at the University of British Columbia. He is currently Vice President Academic and Applied Research at the College of the Rockies.

I Held My Breath For A Year, is his second book and follows the critically acclaimed Global Citizen. When Stan first started writing his columns he didn’t think anybody would care to hear about his parents, their struggles, and his upbringing as the son of a Korean-born United Church minister. Stan continues to takes risks and write his column while trying to balance his work and family life.  He is married with two children and currently resides in Cranbrook, BC.

Both of Stan’s books are available on Amazon.

Donald S. MacIntosh
Don MacIntosh, Joe and Other Poems, Authors

Don MacIntosh was born and raised in the village of Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia. He’s had a love affair with words since early childhood. At the age of 20, in 1952, he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He retired from the Military, Air Traffic Control branch, in 1984 after 32 years of service. Don loves old poetry books and has collected a number of volumes, which he cherishes and consider himself their custodian.

Joe and Other Poems is his first published book of poetry. We can only hope it won’t be his last. Books are not online at this time.

Fred Steele
Fred Steele, One Old Stately Pine, Authors

Fred was born on the east coast of Canada and moved to the Okanagan with his parents in 1947. He’s is currently a farmer, a poet and a writer of lyrics. In his previous life he was in radio as a broadcaster, and he dabbled for a time as a bingo caller. His first book, One Old Stately Pine, contains poetic tales of heroes, villains, good ol’ boys and friendly folk. 

Fred is now retired; however, in recent years he served as president of the BCFGA. His poetry is featured on the 2015 the album Savage Steel. Listen to Jim Dumas Pony Rider here. It’s 11 on the drop down on the right. You can follow Fred on twitter too! @damngrumpy1

He is writing several novels at the moment, and we hope to be able to connect you to them on Amazon shortly.

Beverly Phillips Lundgren

Beverly Phillips Lundgren, Harold the Goose, Authors

 Beverly (Phillips) Lundgren was raised on a small family farm in southern Saskatchewan. In 1986, with $250 in the bank, she applied for an Eye Project in Mexico. Since then she has used her optical skills and finances to attend over 25 projects with Medical Ministries Canada. The proceeds from this book will go to cover future eye project expenses with Medical Ministries Canada for Beverly and her husband Lawrence, who fits artificial eyes. Her book, Harold the Goose, Finds his Family is currently only available directly from the author.

Darlene Zamluk

This west coast Grama had a career as an Early Childhood Educator which enabled her to weave her love of music, art, and the outdoors into her daily play with the children. Her idea of an ideal day is grabbing her jacket and a grandchild and heading to the rainforest or the ocean for a walk and a play. “Puddlicious” is a reflection of her love of play, the outdoors, and art.

Carol Pinette
Carol Pinette with her dog

Carol Pinette began writing stories at an early age and continues to write children’s stories to this day. She has raised five children, and many of the books she writes are inspired by them. Her goal is to create books that take children on exciting adventures, while teaching them to love and respect the earth and each other. Carol lives on a hobby farm in Armstrong, BC. Surrounded by nature, she’s never short of ideas for books. She sends a big thank you out to all her family and friends for their continued support. Carol did six books with us and has decided to take a break for now. All six of her books are available on Amazon.

Jean François Ducharme, PhD.
JF Ducharme, Bitch Fight, Authors

Jean François Ducharme is a renowned Canadian organisational psychologist, author, and coach. He helps people improve their efficiency at work, develop their potential, and overcome their interpersonal conflicts.

Dr. Ducharme of Montreal, PQ, is one of the authors of Bitch Fight. Working with these two professionals was a pleasure, and quite the challenge with time zones that were a day apart! The book can be found on Amazon.

Vanessa Vershaw, M.Psych (Org) MAPS
Vanessa Vershaw, Bitch Fight, Authors

Vanessa is an Australian organizational psychologist and coach who is passionate about unlocking leadership potential.

She is a highly regarded trusted advisor to high level executives and Fortune 500 organizations. She is one of the authors of Bitch Fight. The book can be found on Amazon.