We have some very talented non-fiction writers that have shared their talents through Artistic Warrior. Support our small press authors and purchase a book. 100% of the team published books goes to the author!


I Held My Breath for a Year

I Held My Breath for a Year, Stan ChungRisky, honest, brave, and thought-provoking, Stan Chung’s Okanagan Sunday columns have delighted and engaged readers for over ten years. This is a collection of the best of his work. His topics range from mindfulness, to racism, reconciliation, and economics.

Stan’s work is widely recognized by readers throughout the world. His stories, essays, and memoirs are essentially Canadian, and focus on our issues and considerations. His highly acclaimed book, Global Citizen: River of Love and Other Stories is currently in its third printing.

Available at Amazon.ca and Amazon.com in print and eBook. Large quantities for schools, libraries and other institutions are available by contacting the author.

Joe and Other Poems
Donald S. MacIntosh

Joe and Other Poems, Artistic Warrior, non-fiction, poetryThis book is a compilation of works that Donald S. MacIntosh accumulated over the years.  Some are about people who made an impression on his life, especially during the formative years. Some are about desert life.  Others were requests for birthday, anniversary, memorial, and retirement celebrations. Because of his career, many have a Military connection. Some are frivolous renderings. This book was written after much encouragement from friends who thought it would be such a shame if all these poetic endeavours were destroyed on his inevitable demise!

Joe and Other Poems is available directly from the author.



One Old Stately Pine
Fred Steele

One Old Stately Pine, poetry, non-fiction, Artistic WarriorFred Steele recaptures the fine art of storytelling in One Old Stately Pine. These are poetic tales of heroes and villains, good ol’ boys and friendly folk.

Childhood memories and folklore combine to create an impressive collection of stories of days gone by, some not that long ago.

Have a listen to one of Fred’s poems, Jim Dumas Pony Rider, put to music by Pat Savage on his Savage Steel album.

Available at Amazon.ca and Red Tuque Books.




by Ted Moore

Tribute, Memoir, non-fiction, Artistic Warrior, rock n rollWhen you follow your dream… you never know where it will take you. Tribute is a love story about music. It’s about an aspiring artist who dedicated his life to rock ‘n’ roll in all its seedy glory. It’s about writing, recording, touring and performing music for the world, and having the world turn away. Ted Moore emerges from an excessive, self-indulgent fog and reinvents himself to pay tribute to one of the world’s greatest altruistic rock ‘n’ rollers: Jon Bon Jovi. He deconstructs a life spent dreaming of fame and spins a tale of hope, frustration, joy, and destruction. A must read for anyone who has ever had a dream.

Available online at  Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. Bulk order can be purchased as remainders directly from the Publisher.


Bitch Fight
Vanessa Vershaw and Jean-François Ducharme

Bitch Fight, non-fiction, women in business, Artistic WarriorBitch Fight is a non-fiction book about women bullying women in the workplace. This book describes this phenomenon from all angles, helps readers build  coping skills and raises consciousness to minimise its occurrence. Bitch Fight explores the very real syndrome of the queen bee and unveils the stark truth about unconscious discrimination. Bitch Fight also offers practical, real and actionable remedies in the hopes of combatting these very controversial realities in today’s world of work. Paperback and eBook available now.  Purchase from author’s website or from Amazon.com.



Dark Moments
by Emma Brown
Cover by Sharlene McNeill

Dark Moments, Memoir, non-ficiton, Artist Warrior Imagine being happy, preparing for the holiday season with your family, then waking up with a feeling of dread so heavy it saps your very soul. For this young wife and mother, what came next was the complete breakdown of everything she knew. Dark Moments explores the aftermath of a collapsed thyroid and a severe iron deficiency; life shattering illnesses that resulted in a stay in a psychiatric ward. These are the intimate details of one woman’s journey from happiness to hell and back again.

Available at Chapters Kelowna. Also available directly from the author by emailing emmabrown@live.ca.



Capturing Moments and Freedom’s Language
By Zaynab Mohammed
Covers by Darcy Nybo

Capturing Moments, Poetry, non-fiction, Artistic Warrior Capturing moments is the flow of inspired words in poetic form. These hand-picked poems have travelled many kilometres and across several time zones.

Zaynab created these poems while sitting on boardwalks, side roads, city streets and roundabouts in Canada.

Inspired by colours, smells, feelings, thoughts, people, places and topics – every word is written for you with purpose and certainty.



Freedoms Language, Poetry, Non-fiction, Artistic WarriorThis collection of poems is about the highs and lows in life. They are about frustration and realization. Mostly they are about understanding emotions and the messages that come with them.  Enjoy!

Freedom’s Language and Capturing Moments, are no longer in print.