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Smiley’s Birthday
Author Carol Pinette
Illustrator Sharlene McNeill

Smiley's BirthdayWelcome to Smiley’s world. Smiley is a cute little worm and he loves his family and friends.  It’s Smiley’s birthday and he can hardly wait to open his present  and see what Mama made him!

This is the first in a collection of books where Smiley shows you his world and takes you on some great adventures. Come and join him and meet his family and friends!  Ages three to seven.

Available from the author and on Amazon.


Jay the Jet Seed
Words and Illustrations by Cathy Cyr

Jay the Jet Seed by Cathy CyrCome on an adventure with Jay the  Jet Seed. He’s a determined young maple seed pod, who learns about his world from an old seed pod named Hector. One day, Hector teaches Jay how to fly! Jay’s goal is to reach the garden and one day become a mighty maple tree!

Learn with Jay as he learns about storms, bees, and raccoons, fire, helicopters, jet planes,  and how seed pods become trees. Will Jay make it to the garden. Get the book and find out! Available from the author and through Amazon worldwide. For more information on Cathy and her books go to Cathy’s website. She has a collection of kid’s books planned for the years to come. Ages three to eight.

Leila’s Journey
Words and Illustrations by Cathy Cyr

Leila's Journey Artistic WarriorThe first book in the Earth Whispers’ series is Leila’s Journey, by Cathy Cyr. Come and see what it’s like to live your life on a tree! Join Leila as she discovers the wonders of being a leaf. With the help of her friend Cara, Leila welcomes new friends and learns how to be brave and change with the seasons.

Read along with your child as they discover the life-cycle of a leaf and how life changes with the passing seasons. They’ll love how Leila learns about sharing and helping others. eBook and print available at Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.  Ages three to eight.

Bark, Swat, Crunch!
Words by Darcy Nybo
Illustrated by Sharlene McNeill

BSC COVERBased on a true story, well, at least the first few pages are… Bark, Swat, Crunch is a story about Gina, the dog, and Sam, the cat. They get bored when their forever family is away for the day. Sometimes they play a game that gets them into trouble. This time, their game may have saved the day! Beautiful illustration by Sharlene McNeill help capture the imagination. This is one of three children’s books available by Darcy. You can buy them online as an eBook and print book at Amazon.com, and as an eBook and print book at Amazon Canada.   Ages three to eight.

Emma Jean Finds a Friend
Words by Darcy Nybo
Illustrated by Sharlene McNeill

8x10EJCoverEmma Jean is an imaginary girl in a far away land. She once had a friend to play with, but now all she has is her pet snail. When a magical magpie takes her snail away, Emma must go on a journey through the dark woods to find a real friend. She meets some wonderful characters along the way including Sad Cub, Log Fox, Jug Cat and Pink Dragon! Beautiful illustration by Sharlene McNeill help capture the imagination. Available in print from  CreateSpace, as a eBook and print book at Amazon.com, and as an eBook and print book at Amazon Canada.  Ages four to 10.

The Great Grape Adventure – Okanagan
Activity Book created by Darcy Nybo
Illustrated by Gaby Knodel

Great Grape Adventure - Okanagan

Come along and explore the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada with your host, Merl Oh. This delightful children’s activity book has tons of fun in store for the kids. Connect the dots, crosswords, seek-a-word, colouring, and word scrambles are just some of the fun things in this book. While they’re at it, kids will learn interesting facts about bees, fruit and fun things to do in the Okanagan.  Great price too! Available at most visitor centres in the Okanagan as well as online at Create Space, Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.

Ages four to 10.

Ten Little Stories
Words by Heather Caruso
Illustrated by Gaby Knodel

Basic CMYK

Children love this rhyming counting book by Heather Caruso. From robots to puppies, these 10 beautifully written poems help kids learn how to count. There’s even hidden numbers on each of the pages.  This was one of several kid’s books chosen for “Raise a Reader” in 2014. It was a great kid’s book to read aloud to the students.

Illustrated by Gaby Knodel, at the moment Ten Little Stories is only available from the author. Please contact Artistic Warrior should you wish to purchase a copy.  Great for ages three to seven.

Harold the Goose – Finds his Family
Words and Illustrations by Beverly Lundgren

Harold the Goose CoverFINALHarold the Goose is based on a Beverly Lundrgen’s childhood memory. Simple watercolour illustrations tell the story of Harold, the goose who waited too long to hatch and lost his birth family. The reader is treated to a lovely tale of how family doesn’t necessarily mean the one you were born into. This book is only available from the author. Please contact Artistic Warrior should you wish to purchase a copy.  Recommended for ages five to 10.