We have some amazing fiction writers who’ve gone through Artistic Warrior to get their words out there. Some are for younger audiences (‘tweens and teens), while other’s are great for an older crowd. Please support small press authors and buy their books. 100% of the sale of team published books goes to the author!

Elaine Maddex has done it again with Wise Woman Homage. This is her third fiction book in a series that revolves around the tiny town of Ladyslipper in Saskatchewan, Canada, and the people who live there. All of Elaine’s books can be found on Amazon.

Wise Woman’s Homage 2018

Wise Woman Homage by Elaine Gugin MaddexNewlyweds, Tessy McGuigan and Marshall Tayse have boarded the plane and are headed to Tessy’s beloved homeland, magical Ireland, for their honeymoon.

As with any newlywed couple they look forward to sightseeing, romantic evenings and just relaxing. However, there is a mystery to be solved in the mix of their enchanting holiday.  An amulet, along with a strange note written in Gaelic, left by her mother four decades ago, needs to be translated before the mystery can be solved. While visiting her twin brother and family on their homestead, Tessy discovers some disturbing information regarding their parents’ death and she needs answers. But is she ready to face the truth?

Follow the honeymooners on their adventures as they start out in Dublin, spend time at the Dubai Irish Derby and sightsee through beautiful south and central Ireland. Capture and enjoy all the breathtaking scenery, haunted castles, cathedrals and lively pubs Ireland is so famous for. Tessy finds it bittersweet when she has to say good-bye to her homeland one more time. Once they arrive home to Ladyslipper, Saskatchewan in Canada, they discover a few more exciting surprises. There are new beginnings, romance, and a new-found purpose that will lend homage to a long-standing family legacy.

Following the success of More Than a Wise Woman, Elaine has created another classic literary novel with Wise Woman’s Manor! Congratulations Elaine! Aside from online, both Elaine’s books can be found at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg and Audrey’s Books in Edmonton.

Wise Woman’s Manor 2016
Elaine Gugin Maddex

WWMTessy McGuigan of Ashling Manor is back! You can read it on its own, or read More Than a Wise Woman first, either way it’s a great read. The quirky Wise Woman of Ladyslipper, Saskatchewan, is busy deep in the hearth of her home adding a pinch of this and a dab of that to healing potions and remedies filled with lots of love. Tessy, while newly engaged, still relies on her dear, departed husband for guidance. There is so much to do in the next few months: a wedding to plan with her betrothed and a trip to her beloved Ireland. Before that can happen there are mysteries to be solved, new relatives to meet, matches to be made, tales of long past lore to be shared, visitors to entertain and busy bodies to thwart.

Fill a cup of your favourite refreshment, then curl up nice ‘n’ comfy and escape with us to Ashling Manor where there’s always something going on. There are magical and delicious recipes in the back of the book for you to try. Believe, be enlightened, and enjoy. Blessed Be!

Wise Woman’s Manor is available in print at Red Tuque, Amazon.com and Amazon Canada  and at Amazon.com and Amazon Canada in eBook format.

More Than a Wise Woman 2015
Elaine Gugin Maddex

MTWW 2015 CoverMeet Tessy, an eccentric Irish herbalist living in small town Saskatchewan who receives guidance from her dearly departed husband. Some in town call her a witch, but the majority of town folk love her and call her the wise woman. Tessy does what she can to help the less fortunate and defend Mother Earth in whatever ways possible. Join the thousands of others who have come to know Tessy McGuigan through this heartwarming and entertaining novel. You’re sure to love the collection of herbal, medicinal, and culinary recipes found in the book. Consider it a gift from Tessy to you. Print Purchase now on Amazon.ca, or Amazon.com.

The Guardian Series, is a planned collection of five fiction books for tweens and teens that may help them deal with modern day life.

Upside Down 2017
Irma Goosen

Upside Down by Irma Goosen

Donovan lives to ride BMX. His entire life revolves around racing his bike. His goal is to become a BMX world champion. Now all he needs is to get his secret crush to notice him.

Then things start to go wrong for Donovan’s best friend, Tripp. He wants to be part of the group of kids that smoke pot. Donovan tries to stop him and ends up joining him. It starts out innocently enough with a few tokes. They end up at a party where Donovan sees his secret crush with her football playing boyfriend. Donovan and Tripp decide to try a new drug, just once, and things go very wrong.
Donovan finds himself in an upside down world fighting for his life.

A BMX gear wearing elf takes Donovan on a journey through quicksand, lava, snowstorms, mountains and fields. If he survives his challenges, he might make it back alive.

Available on Amazon.

On the Edge – 2016
Irma Goosen

On the Edge by Irma Goosen, published by Artistic Warrior

When Nadia is bullied online, life begins to change for her. Instead of caring about school and friends, she focuses on what the online, faceless bullies say about how she dresses and how she looks. The joy she once felt as part of a loving family, begins to fade.

When Nadia starts to harm herself to lessen the pain of the bullying, she knows she’s gone too far, but can’t stop. She tries to regain control of her life, but she realizes she can’t do it alone. With the help of her parents and her guardians (an eagle and a fairy) she takes the first steps back towards a healthy life. It’s not going to be easy, but with the love and guidance of her guardians and her family, she is determined to take back her life and live it to the fullest.

On the Edge is available in print from CreateSpace, Amazon.com, and Amazon.ca.  You can also get it as an eBook in Canada and the USA.