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Writing Courses Online at UVic and Okana...

This fall is shaping up to be rather busy as far as online and in person writing courses go. Below is an Excel spreadsheet showing what I’m teaching and where. You can sign up at UVic or at Okanagan College. UVic writing courses are in green and Okanagan College’s are in orange(ish)/brown. All classes, with […]

University of Victoria Writing Courses

But there were some great things to come out of 2020, one of them being, I was hired by the University of Victoria to reach some creative writing classes. Writing Courses Being Taught at UVic The first three classes: Fabulous Fiction, Creating Illustrated Children’s Books, and How to Write Fast-Paced Novels were sold out within […]

Fall 2020 Online Classes

We may be social distancing, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. My regular venues are no longer holding in-person classes, so I’ve moved all my writing courses online. Some business, some fiction, and all full of information and a little fun thrown in for good measure. At the moment, I have twenty […]

Spring 2020 Update

Hey everyone: It’s true, the person who writes and creates websites for a living, rarely has time to update and post!  But, here I am. COVID-19 has affected us all and I’ve switched up my business model just a smidge.  Now you can take my writing courses/workshops online.  I’ve also migrated all the courses over […]

Spring 2019 Camosun College Classes

Happy 2019! I’m pleased to be teaching back at Camosun College (Landsdowne Campus) again this spring (technically winter – but it starts in February and goes until spring) Great classes require great students and I’m hoping to see you there in February. Camosun  College has several courses to choose from for all your creative and grammar […]

Fishy Ocean Tales Writing Contest

Yes, that’s right, we’re having a writing contest and it’s all about the tall tales one hears about the ocean and the strange and magical things that can happen there. Pick and ocean, any ocean, and construct a tale, fiction or non-fiction that will capture the imagination of readers. 2000 words, only one theme – […]

Writers’ Retreat

You know the old story about the shoemakers kids that had no shoes. That’s how it feels to be the one responsible for updating my website. I got so busy planning the writers’ retreat, I forgot to let all of you know about it! I get very involved with my clients as I coach them, […]

Fall Classes are here!

I’m excited to announce that fall classes have been chosen for both Camosun College and Royal Roads University. Come and take a continuing studies workshop or course that suits your particular writing needs. Write for children, write for adults. Write fiction or non-fiction. Learn how to get paid to write what you love and so […]

Stan Chung – New Author

Stan Chung Joins Artistic Warrior’s Growing Author List Artistic Warrior is thrilled to announce that Stan Chung has joined us as an author. Stan’s first book, Global Citizen and other essays, was a huge hit when it came out.  His follow up book, I Held My Breath For a Year, did equally as well when […]

On the Move

Artistic Warrior Moved to Victoria! We felt it was time to move the offices of Artistic Warrior. We are now in beautiful Victoria, BC in Canada. As of November, 2016, that’s where you’ll find us. That doesn’t really mean all that much in this cyber connected world. Artistic Warrior works with authors from all across Canada, the […]