We are the AWx2 Team

Artistic Warrior and Always Write and two companies with the same goal: getting your words out there.

Always Write came to be way back at the turn of the 21st century. It was then, as it is now, a place for authors and businesses to get assistance with their writing needs. We did financial, medical, dental, tourism, food and many other types of writing. Some were for websites (SEO and blogs), some for newsletters and others for magazines. After a few years, the need for help with editing and publishing became quite apparent, and Artistic Warrior was born.

Our Subcontractors are the Best!

We are more than thrilled to say that over the past two decades we’ve connected with some absolutely fabulous people who sub-contract through us to get your word out. By using our subcontractors, you don’t have to hunt for specific professionals to fulfil your writing needs. It’s all here, under one umbrella. One invoice, several services, all professionally done.

So without further ado, meet the AWx2 team members.

Darcy Nybo
Writing Coach/Editor/Layout and Design

Darcy Nybo, editor, writing coach, instructor

Darcy Nybo has developed several skills over the years: structural and developmental editor, writing coach, writing instructor (both business and creative), book and magazine editor, freelance writer, and researcher, to name a few. She is also holds her own in Photoshop and InDesign for layout and cover creation. She’s the one responsible for organizing the team and liaising with the author to ensure everyone gets the best experience possible in the creation, production, and launching of the book.

Being at the helm of Always Write and Artistic Warrior (AWx2) feeds her penchant for words and her need to help others succeed. A true team player, she’ll help you maneuver your way through the sometimes confusing world of writing and publishing your book.

Dawn Renaud
Editor/Proofreader/Layout and Design

Dawn Renaud

For decades, Dawn Renaud has been a major player in the Okanagan writing world. From workshops to one-on-one, she’s there to help.

Her attention to detail and love of stories make her a great editor, proofreader, and formatter. She also does book design and publishing assistance. It gives her great pleasure to help you with your manuscript, from critique to editing to proofreading to the final product.

Arlene Prunkl
Penultimate Editorial Services 

Arlene Prunkl head shot

Arlene is an award-nominated book editor and an emeritus member of Editors Canada with over 20 years of experience in both fiction and nonfiction in dozens of genres, including biographies, memoirs, science, history, spirituality, finance, how-to books, self-help books, and books for children and young adults. With hundreds of books in her portfolio, Arlene loves working closely with authors, whether they’re self-publishing, hoping to find an agent, or already with a publishing house. She’s also a whiz at proofreading and finding those pesky typos everyone else misses!

Jonas Saul: Imagine Press
Editing and Proofreading

We’ve known and worked with Jonas for a very long time, since back when he was just starting his writing career. Now he’s a multi-million-selling author, an editor, proofreader, and all around awesome guy. He also gives us his best pricing, which we pass along to you.

He’s one of the best out there and we are proud to have him as part of our team. His surgical-like edits can help even the most seasoned of authors.

Natasha Campbell
Artiste Extraordinaire

head shot, artist Natasha Campbell

Natasha has a natural talent for making her illustrations and paintings come to life. Natasha is a co-owner of The Gallery Winery, and her paintings are featured on the wine labels. Due to her busy lifestyle, getting her as your illustrator takes planning, but if you do, she is well worth the wait! Aside from her fabulous paintings she enjoys her cartoonist side by creating illustrations for books like, A Girl Called Goose, available in spring 2023.

Weiss Graphics
Book Layout and Design

Karen Weiss Headshot

Karen Weiss is an experienced graphic designer. She had a 28-year career as senior designer and supervisor of the award-winning Graphic Design Department at Camosun College in Victoria.

Karen now pursues new opportunities and work experiences by offering her creative services as a freelance book designer. She does fabulous book layout and cover design. Check out her Facebook page.

Irina Denissova

Irina Denissova cartoon

We’ve worked with Irina for a few years now and her illustrations are truly gorgeous. If you have a children’s book that needs illustrations, she may be the one for you. Irina is professional, easy to work with, and has a talent for making characters come alive in her illustrations.

She also does book covers. Have a look at her work and see if she’s the right fit for you.

Sharlene McNeill

cartoon of Sharlene McNeill

We’ve worked with Sharlene for several years now and she’s illustrated at least a dozen books for us. She’s in demand, so if you want her to do your illustrations, you need to book well in advance. Sharlene works in freehand and with computer programs. Her drawings are uniquely her own. We think anyone who can make a worm look cute is tops in our books! She loves to create beautiful illustrations for young audiences. Illustrating children’s books inspires her because it reminds her of the books she read as a child. She hopes her drawings give life to the author’s story and bring joy for generations to come.