Why We became a Team (Hybrid) Publisher

Artistic Warrior was founded in 2011 with the goal of promoting Canadian Authors as a traditional publisher. Darcy Nybo, founder of Artistic Warrior, turned her company into a team publishing company after a friend and author came to her with some disturbing information. Another publisher was asking her friend for thousands of dollars for very little assistance. Annoyed that someone was taking advantage of her friend, she worked out a costing for Artistic Warrior to do it for her, plus, some much needed extras. The result was half the cost the author was originally quoted and a team publisher was born.

As for the terminology; some call it assisted self-publishing. Some call it hybrid publishing. Others, including us, call it team publishing.

Artistic Warrior team publishing

Artistic Warrior Pluses

We offer team publishing to English speaking and writing authors around the world, so you control what happens to your book and your money. You hire one or some of our team for whichever service you need. We can help you get your book from from idea to print. We also offer translation services from Dutch to English.

We Want You to be in Charge

As a team publisher, we believe authors should be in charge of their books, and retain 100% of their rights and 100% of monies earned on sales. With Team Publishing––you are in charge––all the way. Check out what services we can provide you and then send us an email.  For more information visit our team publishing page.