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But there were some great things to come out of 2020, one of them being, I was hired by the University of Victoria to reach some creative writing classes.

Writing Courses Being Taught at UVic

The first three classes: Fabulous Fiction, Creating Illustrated Children’s Books, and How to Write Fast-Paced Novels were sold out within a few weeks. The good news is they has a wait-list and if you sign up, they will run another one. All classes are on Zoom and limited to 15 to ensure personalized attention.

If there are any other classes you’d like to see me teach through UVic, please let me know.

I can also customize classes for groups of up to six, if that is what you are looking for. Zoom is a great platform and an easy way to learn without having to leave the house, or even put on pants! Email me with your suggestions.

Should your prefer one-on-one coaching, we can arrange that too!

Continuing Studies Classes at University of Victoria
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