You know the old story about the shoemakers kids that had no shoes. That’s how it feels to be the one responsible for updating my website. I got so busy planning the writers’ retreat, I forgot to let all of you know about it!

I get very involved with my clients as I coach them, editing their work, create their books in InDesign and get them ready for press. Sometimes I forget the things that aren’t deadline driven, like updating my website!

To that end, I want to thank those who come here for their patience when things aren’t updated as often as they should be. That means you too, little web spiders who crawl my site.  There are some changes coming soon including a writers’ retreat in May.

So, as we head into the last 50 days or so of 2018, I wish you all the best in all you do!

Rebooting Your Muse - Writers Retreat - Sooke, BC May 2019