Two new published authors have been added to the Artistic Warrior family. It felt like it was yesterday when I hunkered down to get two more books published by June and July (one for each!) Now, here they are.

New Published Authors

Joe and Other Poems, Artistic Warrior, new published authorThe first new published author is Donald S. MacIntosh with his book of poetry. It’s a great little read with some wonderful humourous bits scattered throughout. It’s called “Joe and Other Poems” and right now Don is travelling around the far Eastern provinces of Canada reading his poems and selling his book.  If you get a chance to hear him read his poetry, it is well worth the time.  The man has a voice that was made for recitation!


On the Edge by Irma Goosen, published by Artistic Warrior, new published authorMy newest author is a lovely lady by the name of Irma Goosen. She’s bravely started out on a series of books called the Guardian Series. The first is “On the Edge” about a young girl with anxiety. Nadia gets caught up in the online world and becomes a target for bullies. Her self esteem plummets and she begins to self-harm. With help from her guardians (a fairy and an eagle) and her family, she makes her way back to this wonderful, magical world we live in.  A great read for pre-teens, tweens, teens and adults too!

Coming Soon!

There’s another book on the horizon out there, a spiritual journal of sorts with some interesting takes on what is out there and how we can reshape our lives. We’re just waiting for him to do the final proof read so we can publish it!

After that – maybe – just maybe – I’ll have time to finished my Okanagan Tall Tales book and get it out to you.

Until then, I’m here if you need me to help you publish your book!