Writing Classes at Camosun College

There’s are so many writing courses offered through Camosun College in Victoria, that we can’t list them all. Come and have fun as you hone your writing skills!

Click here to see all the writing courses, and don’t forget to look for the ones where Darcy Nybo is the instructor!

One on One Coaching

Sometimes all you need is a little one on one to get your latest masterpiece to where you want it to be. Whether it’s an idea waiting to come to life, or a final manuscript that needs a solid critique, we’re here for you. From short fiction to full novel series, we can help you plan out your creative map to get you where you need to be.

Coaching is done in person, online, via Skype, via Google Hang Out, via phone, or a combination of options, depending on your circumstances. You’ll be given assignments and a timetable to adhere to. We’ll discuss your goals and what you want to get out of the coaching sessions. Contact us today and get started!

Online Writing Courses

Artistic Warrior, can create an online writing course to suit you or your company. We’ll also be offering new courses online in 2019.

Courses can include:

  • Creative Writing Basics
  • Children’s Writing
  • Short Stories
  • Novel Writing
  • Self Publishing

Writing Courses

Here’s what one participant had to say:

Working with Darcy is a totally enriching experience…. she offered a fabulous text-based customized 3-day Art of Words workshop.

I have attended many of her workshops. Each have been jam-packed with information, interest, entertainment and real value. There has also been some squirming (on my part – words are my nemesis!) and some soul-searching (have you ever reached deep inside to find your ‘I am’ statement?). In each case I came away better informed and more confident. I appreciated Darcy’s professionalism and skill. Her ability to connect with each and every participant is amazing. She helps them tell their own story more effectively.  look forward to working with Darcy again this year and I will most certainly be signing myself up for all the classes we host.

Petrina McNeill